The Glassbreakers Open Beta Has Officially Ended - Thank You!

Hey Glassbreakers Community! 

We hope you enjoyed your time participating in the Glassbreakers Open Beta on Steam and Meta App Lab! Friendships have been made, Champions revered, and many a Glass shattered. 

While Glassbreakers is still in early development, we want to take this time to celebrate our players and the invaluable feedback and insights we’ve received throughout our Closed and Open Beta sessions! As an App Lab and Early Access game, we're truly amazed by the incredible 70,000 matches played in such a short testing period. 

We Need Your Help - Share Your Feedback

You still have a few days left to SUBMIT YOUR FINAL FEEDBACK IN OUR PLAYER SURVEY! It only takes a few moments, and as a small development team your input means the world to us. The deadline to submit your survey responses is January 12, 2024.

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Loved Glassbreakers? Wishlist It on Steam

Whether you have actively played since day 1, or are patiently waiting for launch, please consider giving Glassbreakers a🌟wishlist🌟 on Steam. Your support not only fuels our development, but also ensures you're always up to date with the latest news and updates.  

For those eager to be part of the ongoing journey, we may leverage our Discord community to test new features as they come online between now and launch. Join our Discord for private playtesting opportunities.

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