The Glassbreakers Open Beta Brings a New Champion

Hello Mojo! Glassbreakers players can now mix things up and assemble new squad combinations to find the next meta with the arrival of new Champion MJ22(aka Mojo), a curious automaton that’s sure to capture the hearts of many.

Originally forged as a lethal weapon, Mojo looks similar to the mindless steel soldiers of the ruthless Arcane armies faced in the Moss series, but this Forged soldier is different. In some ways, it’s alive. And this strange, inquisitive being may ask for a hug, but it may also be naïve to the consequences of its actions – it was, after all, built for war.

Mojo’s signature “Free Hugs” ability launches a hook to pull the opposing squad’s Champions in towards Mojo. As the ability levels up, the hook not only launches farther, but it also applies a slow to the target. Advanced players can use “Free Hugs” not only to pull opposing Champions into their base to receive damage from the Defender Glass, but also to grab high priority targets that the other squad is trying to protect. This is the first ability that manipulates the position of other Champions, bringing unique tactical opportunities into the game.

“Quest for the Chest” Event.

To celebrate the Open Beta release and the addition of Mojo to the roster of Champions, we’re hosting a special “Quest for the Chest” event. Now through October 5th, we’re boosting the speed at which you can level up your weekly chests to help you get to the goods quicker. And for two weeks only, the top-tier chests will contain extra special rewards, including a chance at never-before-seen masks and emblems. So be sure to jump into the game and finish your daily quests for a better chance at getting unique cosmetics for you and your squad!

We Want to Hear From You.

And remember, as a live service game, we’re excited to hear your feedback and work with you to make Glassbreakers the game you’re most excited to play when you put on your VR headset. We released Early Access on App Lab to enable us to be nimble with updates and nail the fundamentals of the game. And as we launch into Open Beta, we’re gearing up to bring new and exciting features to the game as part of the live service format like new Champions, balance updates, quests, skins, and game modes. We’re listening and prioritizing our development schedule to reflect your input and we can’t wait to bring even more exciting content your way leading up to and with the release of Season 1. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you, so please leave us a comment, review, or join the active Glassbreakers community already on Discord.

We hope to see you in the arena soon. Good luck and may the Glass break your way!